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sasuke itachi for krestersy by christmastime4art sasuke itachi for krestersy :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 17 1 Itachi and Sakura for delia by christmastime4art Itachi and Sakura for delia :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 129 9 SS Chibi Sketch 3 by christmastime4art SS Chibi Sketch 3 :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 8 1 SS Chibi Sketch 2 by christmastime4art SS Chibi Sketch 2 :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 21 1 SS Chibi Sketch 1 by christmastime4art SS Chibi Sketch 1 :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 6 1 SS for Arya 2 by christmastime4art SS for Arya 2 :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 5 0 Simon for Renny by christmastime4art Simon for Renny :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 4 0 SS for Sbel by christmastime4art SS for Sbel :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 2 0 SS - for Renny by christmastime4art SS - for Renny :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 2 0 Itachi for redpig31 by christmastime4art Itachi for redpig31 :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 9 2 Byakuya for washu-M by christmastime4art Byakuya for washu-M :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 52 2 SS for IlaB - Naruto and Luffy by christmastime4art SS for IlaB - Naruto and Luffy :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 29 2 SS - for Jamie by christmastime4art SS - for Jamie :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 9 0 NXS for MuseSilver by christmastime4art NXS for MuseSilver :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 56 4 SS for Renny by christmastime4art SS for Renny :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 2 0 Taiga for sbel02 by christmastime4art Taiga for sbel02 :iconchristmastime4art:christmastime4art 7 0


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Hey guys! we decided that there's no expiration date anymore for our gift :)

:star::star::star:OH OH OH, all wishes are been express, now our little elves is your turn! Remeber, you can fulfill also other wishes, just put a star near the icons of recipients:star::star::star:

Rules ---> christmastime4art.deviantart.c…

• Zero and Kaname - from Vampire Knight
• Lavi, Kanda and Allen - or only two of them, it's the same - from D.Gray-Man
• Orihime and Ichigo from Bleach

:iconilabarattolo: :star::star:
• suijetsu and karin from Naruto ** something of cute <3
• Rinoa, from Final Fantasy VIII…
• Naruto and Rufy from One piece X3 (not yaoi of course!!something of funny)

• Chazz from Yugioh GX!! *____________________________* mh...i bet lot of you don't even know him, so here's a ref xD he's the one on the left with black hair, purple shirt and black coat:…
• A super dramatic thing with Sasuke!!! xD Or SasuSaku, if you want u_u
• Simon from Gurren Lagann!!! *_* Him:… Possibly in a cool pose!! Haha! XD

:icone-nat: :star::star:
• ANBU Itachi after a battle- from Naruto
• Black Lady + Mistress 9- from Sailor Moon. But it's ok if you only draw one of them ^^
• Neliel Tu from Bleach

:icongaarajamie88:  :star::star:
• My O.cs. Nate and Charles! (yes they're twins) this is the reference:…
• Something "Fairy Tail" related **
• Sai (from Naruto)and Natsu(from Fairy Tail) in a funny situation...This is strange I know...

• It could be Kuchiki Byakuya or Zaraki Kenpachi or Grimmjow from Bleach
• Or Kurama Youko or Yomi from Yu Yu Hakusho
• Or Baby Beel with Oga from Beelzebub Manga! I love them!

• I want a drawing of asuka or rei from evangelion
• I want too a drawing which has been the subject "the summer"
• I want a drawing of Aisaka Taiga from toradora

:iconsorakawa: :star:
• My OC, Mikazuki ~ :heart: (he's a cool&silent guy C:)… ,…
• France and Seychelles from hetalia
• another of my OC, Connor Harrison ~… ,… ,…

• Uchiha brothers!...showing love not hatered! ;)
• Zero and Kaname from VK!
• Mukuro and Hibary from KHR! I they are from TYL arc is even better!

• Just wanna wish for a pic of my OC, Salt:…, with Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto) and Allen Walker (D.Gray-Man). They can be doing anything but nothing Shonen Ai or Yaoi..

• Naruto and Sakura -- (from "Naruto") anything romantic with them
• Mello and Near -- (from "Deathnote") doesn't matter if it's Shonen Ai/Yaoi or not
• fanart of Michael Jackson -- would like something fun and not ultra realistic

• OC: Aldera and Soele……
Aldera's sweet and kind, while Soele's guarded, blushy, and kinda grumpy.
Shounen-ai/Yaoi preferable~

• OC: Lock and Key…
Lock tries hard to act older and more mature than his age while Key is...well...overly happy and kinda retarded.
Er...non-romantic please~

• Dissidia: Firion/Tidus
Alone or as a pair. It's all good. (Cat/Puppy ears ALWAYS a plus on Tidus :3)

• Sasuke and Sakura - from Naruto
• Ryuji Takasu - from Toradora
• Goku and Vegeta- (and other characters can also be included )- from Dragon Ball

•my only one wish is just a SasuSaku fanart (Sasuke and Sakura) XD my favorite pairing!

• Oscar and Andrè from “Versailles no Bara”
• Sesshoumaru and Kagome from “Inuyasha”
• Itachi and Sakura from “Naruto”

*Whether these images are romantic, dramatic, comic, in color or black and white doesn’t matter to me^^*

• Killer bee and Raikage posing
• Mudkip with a santa hat

:iconquiss: :star:
• I want to see Cloud x Tifa from Final Fantasy VII
• I want Simon x Nia from Gurren Lagann <3

:iconthebloodthirsty: :star:
•  Thorfinn fron Vinland saga……
• Some passionate Pain x Konan
•  Young Itachi (4-5 years old) during war

• So I would really be grateful if you can draw any of my OCs from…

• My OC, Iris. Reference pic:……
She's a model (thus the set-up and pose), she's not very good in expressing her emotions, so her face is always that expression-less.
• Hei from Darker than Black -Ryuusei no Gemini-
Draw him after episode 9 (the cleanly shaven one) plz...n_n;
You can draw him with other characters too if you want.

• Gōshu Suēdo (Gauche Suede) from Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee).
Preferably drawn when he's still active as a Bee (earlier episodes).
You can draw him with other characters too if you want.

:icontoppera-tpr: :star::star:
• Naruto and Sasuke face to face emotional disputes on boyhood...with hidden ''smiles'' as hidden arms - Naruto
• Ruffy wearing Hokage's hood and Naruto using an Strawhat and a Pirate's King jacket - Naruto and One Piece
•A representation of love with my OC's from…

:iconredpig31: :star:
• Hirako from BLEACH! with a cool pose!
• Hayato from KHR! playing piano.
• Itachi from NARUTO! I want to see his smile.



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